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Better known previously as wholly owned subsidiaries of Harrisons and Crosfie1d PLC, Harrisons is one of the oldest, largest and most established sales, marketing, warehousing, distribution and services organisation in Malaysia, particularly in East Malaysia where Harrisons has been in business for 98 years and has developed a very good distribution network that ranks amongst the best in the region.

Harrisons also has a major presence in the shipping agency industry in East Malaysia where it represents a large number of major international and domestic shipping lines. In East Malaysia, Harrisons is also one of the few companies to maintain a network of 7 fully computerised travel ticketing and sales offices.

Harrisons' income is currently derived mainly from the marketing, sales, warehousing and distribution of consumer, building materials and engineering products, fine wines, agricultural and industrial chemicals, and the operation of shipping/logistics and travel agencies. These are conducted through its two groups of subsidiary companies, the Harrisons Trading Sabah Group and the Harrisons Trading Peninsular Group as follows:

  1. In East Malaysia, the Harrisons Sabah Group is involved in the marketing, sales, warehousing and distribution of fast moving consumer goods, building materials, engineering products and agricultural chemicals; operation of shipping and travel agencies in both Sabah and Sarawak;
  2. In Peninsular Malaysia, the Harrisons Peninsular Group is involved in the marketing, sales, warehousing and distribution of building materials, industrial and agricultural chemicals, and import and distribute fine wines; also freight forwarding and shipping (cruise business).

Presently, Harrisons has approximately 400 principals, and distributes approximately 11,000 product items to over 10,000 accounts spread all over Malaysia. It achieved a turnover exceeding RM1 Billion in 2008.

The Harrisons Sabah Group and the Harrisons Peninsular Group together operate a total network of 29 branches strategically located, throughout Malaysia (13 in Peninsular Malaysia, 9 in Sabah and 7 in Sarawak) as shown in the map attached.

Harrisons employs about 1,500 staff and is highly regarded as an employer of choice, enjoying relatively low staff turnover in an industry where loyal, aggressive, yet approachable, management with deep industry-specific experience and proprietary knowledge is vital to ensure continued growth and profitability. This has been achieved through a decentralised organisation structure that facilitates employee empowerment and initiative (enhancing speed to market), and organises the business regionally for profit accountability and centrally at the group level for longer term strategic development.

Highly regarded by its business partners - principals as well as the trade - Harrisons has represented major multi-nationals for considerable lengths of time: Nestle has been with the Group for 84 years, GAB for 61 years, Malex for 51 years and Maerskline for 40 years, to cite a few examples. Other well known companies represented by Harrisons include SCA Hygiene (Drypers), Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol, Shieldtox), Kao (Biore, Laurier), Ngan Yin and Cocolin.

Indeed, many principals today regard Harrisons as an integral part of their sales and marketing intelligence and research which are vital to their success in the markets where they have entrusted Harrisons with special distribution rights.

Harrisons had its beginning as a relatively modest Harrisons and Crosfield trading outpost in 1918 in Sandakan, Sabah, and has today grown into a major Malaysian distribution and services company that can proudly take its place amongst the bigger corporations in terms of profitability, sales turnover, asset backing, employee size, business spread and geographical reach.

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